My clients are men and women who are:

  • stuck and not dating at all.
  • out dating and nothing is sticking and clicking.
  • unsure if the person they are seeing is the right one for them.
  • hungry for change and eager to experience lasting love.

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Client Results:

  • Clients love who they are!
  • 100% of my clients express a new freedom from past relationships
  • Clients get clear about who will fulfill them for a lifetime
  • 83% of my clients who have met during and after my coaching are in long-term healthy relationships
  • Since 2011, 13 of my clients are now happily married

Benefits From Coaching With Me, I will:

  • develop your comfort level and confidence with dating and relationships
  • help you break old relationship patterns and create new healthy ones
  • provide you with ways to love bigger and better this time around
  • help you to be empowered in a very emotionally charged area of life
  • assist you to determine where you can meet the person who will fulfill you
  • teach you the exact skills you need to create a lasting relationship

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As someone who dated for many years and is now a happily married woman, I have earned my stripes to coach people to success.  Being with the wrong person can be painful and incredibly frustrating.  I’ll give you my proven tools to attract the right person for you. Pop over to my about page to read about my journey, love story and expertise!

“Suzanne was extremely easy to open up to and trust, and she really made the process very enjoyable, natural and worthwhile.” Brenda

Suzanne Muller-Heinz