Dating…made simple!

Have you ever been on a date and within the first 30 minutes, perhaps even 10 minutes, you realized this person wasn’t for you? Are you tired of wasting your precious time, money and energy dating people that are not a good fit for you? Use the following four tips to date more from quality versus quantity!

4 Tips to Date from Quality versus Quantity:

1- Ask good questions before you go on a first date. Is this person even a good potential? How can you tell? Don’t be afraid to discuss important topics before going on the first date such as kids, politics, health, spirituality, intention, etc. Isn’t it better to know up front and early on versus later? Don’t worry, there will still be plenty more to learn about this person. My point is: don’t be afraid to get the things you really care about up on the table even before a first date.

2- How can you tell if this person is a good potential? Have a solid understanding of the kind of person who will fulfill you. Not a list of qualities but a list of fundamentals or conditions. If this person doesn’t have most of these qualities, don’t bother going out and don’t waiver, even if he or she is really cute. Stick to your guns, as trying to change someone sucks.

3- If you have a bad feeling about this person or you are just plain not excited, trust your instincts and call to cancel. Don’t waste your hard earned time, money and energy going out on a date. It honors you and them.

4- If you are not good at trusting your instincts and heart, and you tend to doubt yourself, pick this skill up quickly. It can save you lots of time, heartache, money, time and grief. It can also help you see the love of your life when he or she arrives.

If you are serious about jumping out of the dating marketing with a fantastic partner, what would your dating life be like if you dated from quality versus quantity?  If you were dating quality matches, can you see how the process could be easier, smoother and more enjoyable?

(Someone has to Say It!  Suzanne Muller, Happy Living Forever, “I help make your dating and love life simple)


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